Our Dear Teacher

babaji.jpgWe are sending you our sincerest, most heartfelt words of love and acknowledgement. We keep praying for your good health, read Holy Jaap Sahib and firmly believe that everything is in God’s hands.

In spite of the distance separating us, and the difficulties of life, we constantly feel your spiritual guidance and your love for us. And in our turn, we are also trying not to miss a single opportunity to tell people about your High Mission, to tell them how much you love our Russia, how much you do for it to find its true vocation and destination.

For your famed jubilee, let us, your faithful disciples, wish our dear Teacher joy and happiness, health for many years so you could keep creating a world full of light around you, spreading the high spiritual knowledge that you bring to people, to the whole world.

Dear Maharaji! We learn from you to love and hope, to be patient and compassionate, to make people strong in their belief, to help them understand its meaning. We learn from you to love the One God, who again and again sends His messengers to the world to remind us of the eternal truth not to be forgotten, to prevent us from losing our way. We learn from you to wake people up to their spirituality and strengthen their belief in their own powers and abilities.

So may every word of yours be heard, understood and applied in life by your disciples and followers. We hope very much to get more of your messages filled with the highest sense and gratefully accept them.

Dear Maharaji! There are no words that can fully express the power of our love and devotion to you.

We sincerely have full faith in our future meetings with you!

With deep respect,
on behalf of
the International Association “Peace through Culture”
and the social movement “New Country”,
Y.Ageshin, E.Balashov, L.Trunina