A Diwali Message from His Holiness Baba Virsa Singh


babaji.jpgBeing Healed by the light of Paramatha

All religions have used lights—whether divas, candles, menorahs, or fire—to remind us of the Light of God, the Light of Paramatma. Until we are healed by this Light, the bad things within our inner storeroom cannot be removed.

The greatest healing comes from looking to see what is within ourselves. We all have a wonderful Power within us. Whether we are poor or rich, sinner or saint, we have Light within us. The supreme truth of going deep inside oneself is that we recognize that Power which lies within us as Light. When our mind is healed, our thoughts will become very pure and holy, and our body will also be very happy.

Never count your years. Look at the Spirit within you, which is ageless. The Light never becomes older or younger. Its lifetime is unlimited. It is always childlike in its innocence and its love.

Those who have been messengers of this Light have always showered their blessings, never thinking how or upon whom the blessings were falling. Just as a child will go to anyone who comes and says, “Pick me up,” a person is drawn to God to say, “Take me.”

Those who are one with the Supreme Spirit often say, “Love children.” They know, for they themselves are like children. They are innocently healing people all the time, with no knowledge, just as a child is always innocently reaching out in love.

Always keep love and faith firmly connected. They will attempt to separate, but follow them and keep them together, as if you were shepherding children. When these two are united, an aura will form around you such that wherever you look, you will no longer see anyone’s bad qualities or good qualities. You will see only that Light.

Although we are all praying, each in our own ways, healing is not occurring, for we have separated love and faith from our prayers. Every day we pray and ask for God’s order, and yet we pull ourselves away from God’s blessing. The Light is falling, but we do not stay beneath it. When we allow the Light of Paramatma to come within us and heal us, the effect of that inner healing will touch other people. Faith and love are always within us, and the One who heals is always within us.