Gobind Sadan
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Who We Are

The Gobind Sadan Institute for Advanced Studies in Comparative Religions was founded in 1990 by His Holiness Baba Virsa Singh ji with the help of several eminent scholars. The Institute ‘s purpose is “the diffusion of knowledge of various religions with particular reference to common principles underlying different faiths as they promote universal brotherhood, peace, amity, and respect for human rights.”From the outset, its research has focused on critical areas of theology and religious history often neglected by the mainstream. Being “housed” at Gobind Sadan, the Institute provides scholars and students an experiential basis for their work. This offers a clear mandate to recognize the presence of the “spiritual” or the “mystery” in shaping our traditions, rather than simply reducing religion to a social science. As a result, the work takes on a vibrant tone and reinforces the teachings of our spiritual traditions as critical elements within modern society.


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