The Story Behind the Fire

God Must Really Be Here
When a fire destroyed our Sikh temple, we were devastated. But our sacred scripture—and our hope—survived the arson.

Changing the Terrorist Mind Sikh Temple Update: A Heartwarming Story

Post-Standard, November 19, 2002

Changing the Terrorist Mind Outpouring of Love and Support Lifts Sikh Community
IRC News January 2002

More on Gobind Sadan and the Sikh Tradition

  • What is Gobind Sadan?
    A place of pilgrimage for all people…
  • Who is a Sikh?
    Sikhs are students of the universal message of religion….
  • Becoming Khalsa
    “The mission of Guru Gobind Singh is not just for some few people of one religion. Guru Gobind Singh was the follower of the One All-Prevading God.” …Baba Virsa Singh

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