Baba Virsa Singh’s Path to World Peace


babaji.jpgHis Holiness Baba Virsa Singh is a towering spiritual figure of Biblical proportion who seeks no worldly position nor does he refer to himself as a Guru or miracle-worker. Though he comes from a mud-brick village in Punjab, those of great intelligence, wealth, and worldly power bow at his feet and seek his guidance. When asked, he says only, “I am just trying to be a better human being.” Yet countless people around the world revere him as their teacher and attribute many miracles in their lives to his influence. He does not read or write, but quotes extensively from the scriptures of all religions. His special mission is to bring people of all religious paths closer to God, by whatever name they know Him, and bring peace by overcoming the conflicts which plague the world. He has worked hard all his life to set an example of how one can rise out of poverty and stresses that without work any philosophy remains just a theory. He is an inspired farmer who communicates with the crops and the land, and they respond with record-breaking bounty. He is revered as a healer and a visionary, and his blessings are greatly prized by everyone from the elite to simple villagers.

Babaji”s Path to World Peace focuses on:

Healing the Human Mind
“When a river overflows its banks it does great damage to the surrounding areas. But when a person”s mind is not controlled, he can destroy entire countries. Anger and hatred are out of control. You must control your anger. Leadership must speak responsibly. Media must deliver messages that soothe the people, not pour more gas on the fire. When our thoughts are poisoning us, how will worldly medicine help? First look to God, then look within and find peace”

Overcoming Religious Conflict
“Celebrate each other”s holidays and share each other”s scriptures.” To build interfaith understanding, Babaji teaches everyone to show reverence to each other”s traditions and the Messengers. Gobind Sadan is a practical demonstration, where the major holy days of all traditions are celebrated. On a daily basis, while continuous readings from Guru Granth Sahib go on, prayers are offered at the sacred fires (havans) 24 hours a day. People come to pray at Jesus”s place, the Mosque and the Mandirs which dot the hillside. Babaji also defends the good name of all God”s messengers and speaks out against those who would malign another”s religion or prophet.
Everyday Miracles
At Gobind Sadan, what some may consider miracles are everyday occurrences. Diseases are cured, business and personal problems, and even social conflicts are solved almost immediately through prayer at the various Holy places

“There should be no poverty”
For the past 40 years, Babaji has repeatedly transformed barren land into productive farms to show how, through hard work and God”s blessings, poverty can be eradicated. He doesn”t feel that poverty should exist. Despite his great spiritual prowess, he at heart considers himself a farmer.
“There is no such thing as a “Terrorist”,” Babaji goes so far as to say. He has practically demonstrated how to transform those we consider terrorists into productive citizens, in both the Indian states of Mizoram and Punjab. He feels that the current methods to stamp out terrorism have just increased its spread. He condemns violence in the name of religion, stating that religious fundamentalists are the real atheists who turn people away from God.

Uniting Science and Religion
“Dharm is the greatest science” “the scientist and the dervish are both lost in their search – one for the key to creation and the other in their love for the Creator. When they sit together the scientist discovers that Dharm is the greatest science and his research can actually progress more rapidly for the benefit of all humanity