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Tributes to Baba Virsa Singh ji

Baba Virsa Singh has touched and healed people at all levels of society and personally demonstrated how to solve the most intractable problems that plague the world. In addition to the tributes on this page, please also visit our Testimonials page for additional praises for Babaji’s life-long work.


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Tributes received through the website

Harinder Singh (Bawa), Toronto, ON
Baba Ji, I am in literally in tears, at the moment. To me you were my baba ji, you wre my friend. What it means to get loved, I learnt from you. What religion is, I learnt from you? What is god I learnt from you? Babab ji, whenever I was at Gobind Sadan, My feet would drag me to your kothi. Without failure I would ask every one how are you doing, and if you are meeting people these days in the evening. Babaji, who would I ask these things now? I pray to god, to bless you. And give me the strength to bear this loss. Bababji I love you!

Jean Armour Polly, Jamesville NY
Thank you for gracing all of our lives, even though it has been too brief a time for us. Guide our thoughts and actions. Let us always serve at your feet.

Harinder Singh, Scarborough, ON
No words to describe my grief. But I agree and I know he will always be with all of us.

Ralph Singh, Gobind Sadan
Baba Virsa Singh ji brought light and love to the world. While His passing leaves a whole in our hearts, I have faith that He will fill it with so much love that it will spread throughout the world

Gerald Shakhedonov, Moscow
Babaji gaves us such special love and teachings that we can never forget. Now we must carry those throughout our country and the world

Jitender Singh Badhwar, Baba ji De Charan
O Beloved Father, You have not gone anywhere. You were in our hearts ! You Are in our Hearts ! You Will allways be in our hearts ! Please forget our sins and bless all of us with your kindness, and let us be the part of your mission. Jitender Singh Badhwar

Harinder Singh, Toronto
Babaji, On this day I ask you for nothing. I just pray that may the almighty shower more blessings on you. May the almighty bless you. And may the almighty fulfill all the good deeds and ideal world that you had dreamed of but left unfinished. You know Babaji, even though on many occassions I could not meet you at Gobind Sadan but I knew you were there. Sitting here in Canada I knew you were there for me…..Bababji I know you will alawys be there for me. But Babaji you have left a big void for me. But today it is not about me, it is about you. Babaji I feel so miserable I could not be there with you in those moments, Babaji today I feel very miserable that I could not even attend your last rites….But it was your will…However I do feel sad! Babaji, I just pray that may god fullfill all that you have left incomplete. Babaji, may god bless you!

Amanjit singh, Toronto
I meet baba ji in 2000.They change my life.Imiss them but i belive that they are still in delhi

Khushboo, toronto
I love you BabaJi

Khushboo, toronto
you will always be with us Babaji

Sukhpreet Rakieten, Phoenix az
Ke raajang prabhaa hain. Ke dharmang Dhujaa hain. Ke aasok barnai. Ke sarbaa abharnai O Lord, Thou art the glory of all kings. The flag bearer of true faith. Beyond grief or sorrow. Thou adorn and sustain the universe. (Pauri 105 Jaap Sahib) Touched by the light, we were, Guided by him in our lives, we were Graced by his benevolence, we were Taught devotion for the God, we were Taught Love & Reverence for Lord Almighty in all his prophet forms, we were Taught Respect for all god’s creation, we were Loved by him, we were ………& we will be…… For once touched by the light…. forever touched by it…… Guide us always, Bless us in all our endeavors & help each of us work for your Mission. We love you Maharaj Ji …..forever & ever & ever …………..thank you for choosing us …… your ever smiling bacchi I Love You Maharaj ji

jagdish singh &family, delhi
may your message of peace and harmony be till eternity. please always bestow your blessings on us

Chetna Singh, Delhi, India
He guided me and helped me when I was trouble. Showed me the right path and thanks to his blessings I am here today. Will miss you babaji. Thank You…

Manoj Khatri, Faridabad
Baba Ji, We know it is so difficult to live without you but its your blessing, which empower us so much to comeup from this such a big ocean of grief. Right now where ever you are, you are always with us. We will always try to follow your values, discipline & guidelines. We love you Baba Ji……… yes we love you so much…………so much

Matharu Devinder Singh, Moscow
He guided me and my family and helped us when we were in trouble. Showed us the right path and thanks to his blessings that we are here today.Your blessings will be with us always. Will miss you babaji. Thank You for every thing

Gurpreet Alam, Melbourne
I still remember year 2002 when i met him.Attracted to a man with charisma to influence people with his spiritual personality.I stayed in his monastry to overcome my deficiencies. I strongly believe that he helped me discover myself and infected me with absolute positive approach to life. I believe that he was a man with all the answers in this world.I miss him…

Har.Sandhu, California
Well, grandparents, parents, brothers and sister and including myself were blessed by him. We are related because we are from the same village of Punjab and he from our family. It’s very sad for the entire family that he has left us physically but his leadership values and words of wisdom will always stay with us along with every moment of precision memories. Thank You & God Bless All

Harvinder Pal Singh, Sydney
Babaji, we know Him since 1975 when we first got the opportunity of His darshan in Faridnagar, a small village in UP India. I don’t beleive He has left us, He has and will always be with us till we live on this earth.

Charity Fund of Spirituau, Moscow
With extreme sadness we recieved news about Baba Ji leaving from our Plan. We always will remember you and will be fulfilling your ideas and wisdom advices. Sinserelly praying for your all great wishes to come true!!! From all our Russian, Kazahstan, Ukraine, Latvian partcipants. Lugov Evgeny

suresh k [s] puri, delhi
to me he is jesus ,to me he is gurunanak,to me he is lord himself,although he has left the body behind but i feel he has gone nowhere,it will be very hard to forget his physical presence .he is our only relative in the world,we turned up to him in all our difficulties and he solved all of them.he is love absolute,knowledge absolute and existence absolute.

Galina Ermolina, Gorno-Altaisk
Galina Ermolina/Russia There are no words to express the feelings of our family on the passing away from the physical plan our dear Maharaji, our dear Guru and Ideal in human body.we were crying about his passing away at first but then we realized that HE is and will be always with all of us. Only His his human body vanished, His spirit will always inspire us to’SAY TRUTH, DO TRUTH and LOVE’-that what MAHARAJI said to people as His WILL.

Shivinder Kanwal (Sherry), Buffalo, New York
I really don’t know how to feel. I have so many emotions running inside me. I’m supposed to write what Maharaji feels to me, but I know no words that can really describe this bond, this connection, or these feelings inside me. They are my own. I feel like I owe Maharaji a lot. I owe my life to his mission. I feel like I have not done enough. I have received everything I have wished for and wanted. I can say Maharaji was my teacher, my mentor, my guru, and my father. His ideas are so basic and yet the world finds them so complicated. I consider myself very lucky and fortunate to have walked and played in his presence when I was younger, to have sat in his presences by his blessed feet, to have eaten from the same table, and to have been touched by his gracious hands. – Maharaji Last hukam to me personally in his own voice and words… “Stay Happy, be Happy” Shivinder Singh Kanwal

Oleg Serebryakov,
Allow to divide with you bitterness of leaving of Baba Virsa Singh Ji, having repeated, as through mountain come His love and His pleasure. It has rendered you high trust, your hands having enclosed business of His Holiness. A new stage of a way.

Satinder,Mohini Mullick, Corning,NY
Holi Maharajji message of Peace,Love,Care for Others,Self help will be our responsibilty as LordJesus Christ left his disciples and devotees with the mission of spreading HIS message of love among all religions and faiths. Deepa,Mohini,Tarun,Satinder,Sonia,Rikhil,Shaan,Ranjani,Naval Varma and Gen.Basant Mullick family and Col.Madan Mullick families thank Holi Maharajji for HIS MIRACLES and BLEASSINGS over 40 years.

MPK Kutty, Delhi
During my career with the times of india , it was my previlege to cover the religious aspects of life and the doings of religious techers in this nation as it pertained to the north of the country. In the course I came across several men and women who preached their particular philosophies; but there was some thing extraordinary about this teacher (He never claimed to be a Guru) whose insights into coming events and human nature were amazing. The touch of the divine in his life was evident to anyone who listened to the words he spoke and the love he expressed. Let us thank God for this great life even as with tearful eyes we bid him farewell. Whenever I visited the ashram, I could feel the tranquility and peace so characteristic of the person who set it up and with hard labour nurtured it to be a sanctuary for seekers of the Truth. I have always returned from the ashram inspired by the divine presence . I thank the Lord for this life.

Kulwant Singh Sahota, Surrey, BC
Please close your eyes you will see him. Thats what I do. He is their always forever. Talk to him beleive me he answers.

Jaswinder Kanwal (Jas), Buffalo, NY
As his children we will better ourselves and follow his teachings. He was not only a Saint, he was my Friend, my Guru, a Motivator, my Father, my Everything. He always knew how I felt, he always knew how to uplift me. He has always showered his blessings upon me. My life changed for the better when I first saw Maharaj Ji (10 years ago) for a split second in Syracuse, NY. I longed to see Maharaj Ji again and hoped to visit India but was never able to. I met Maharaj so many times in my thoughts. His love is endless and His blessings everlasting. In 2005 Maharaj Ji blessed Shivinder and I with a Beautiful son Sumair. Maharaj Ji Personally named Sumair and sent us a beautiful Rumala for him. I will never forget that day! I thank God and Maharaj Ji for opening my path to Gobind Sadan. We are blessed that we are connected to Maharaj Ji’s house. The house without any walls. I have learned a lot from my beloved Maharaj Ji and my learning will continue… Dhan Dhan Maharaj Ji

Pushpinder Aneja, Rochester,Ny
Memories of Maharaj Ji’s are Treasure for us, No one can steal, It is impossible to express our love and emotions for him, As Mr. Ralph Singh Says ” His passing leaves a big whole in our heart” No one can heal that whole except his blessing. Pushpinder Aneja

shivjit singh, toronto
I thought I would get to meet you in this life time. I guess the journey continues. Babaji’s teachings are extremely valuable to the world and the worlds to come. your presence will always be felt in my heart.

Upnit Bhatti, Brampton
Dhan Dhan Maharaji….

Tarun Mullick, St.Charles,Il.
Holi Maharajji’s blessings and guidance helped me focus on my goal as HE saw it best for me. At times,my mentors suggested other options,but I found that HIS Choice was “always” the best for me.I wondered often–How can HE know sitting 10,000 miles away which fellowship or University or my match was good for me–especially when my mentors thought otherwise. He could read the minds of all without meeting them or visiting them. I am surely going to miss that. But I also know that God sent him for HIS MISSION.HE KNEW that HE is being called back for another mission.It is for us –now–to listen to HIM–when we are in doubt. It is for us to follow on HIS PATH.

Chetan Rakieten, Phoenix, Az
Maharaj Ji is gone, but never gone….. I look back to the times that as a child of Him being at our home seeing Him daily. The memory I have at our ring ceremony where He held my hand and placed my kara on and smiled at me looking at me the whole time. The memory of the birth of our child. The memory where He gave her name. The memory on our anniversary when we were at His feet and just looking at Him. There will always be memories of Maharaj Ji. The memory of our daughter saying “Mah Ji.” He may be gone but never gone… neither will the memories….

Larry Polly, Jamesville, NY
Babaji, You have been the single most influential person in my adult life. Your earthly presence will be sorely missed, but you will always remain as strong as ever in my heart, spirit and soul.

Karren, New York City, NY
Dearest most beloved and revered Baba Ji, Thank you, thank you, thank you for so lovingly and courageously infusing us with the divine light of NAAM. May you continue to guide us to keep the holy torch of universal love, peace, and faith aglow, so that we may help uplift and enlighten ourselves and all living beings. Forever and humbly yours, Karren, a grateful and loving devotee.

ritu singh, vasant kunj
satnam shri wahe guru we are in a state of grief we are feeling very lonely without him

Gurmeet Khatri, Faridabad
Baba Ji, We know it is so difficult to live without you but its your blessing, which empower us so much to comeup from this such a big ocean of grief. Right now where ever you are, you are always with us. We will always try to follow your values, discipline & guidelines. We love you Baba Ji……… yes we love you so much…………so much

Sant Singh, Gobind Sadan, New Delhi
Baba Ji, We know it is so difficult to live without you but its your blessing, which empower us so much to comeup from this such a big ocean of grief. Right now where ever you are, you are always with us. We will always try to follow your values, discipline & guidelines. We love you Baba Ji……… yes we love you so much…………so much

Manoj Khatri, Dainik Jagran, Faridabad
Dhan Dhan Maharaj Ji… Dhan Dhan Maharaj Ji… Dhan Dhan Maharaj Ji… Baba Ji, We know it is so difficult to live without you but its your blessing, which empower us so much to comeup from this such a big ocean of grief. Right now where ever you are, you are always with us. We will always try to follow your values, discipline & guidelines. We love you Baba Ji……… yes we love you so much…………so much

Gurpreet Singh, Delhi
EK Onkar Satnam Siri Waheguru, I am visiting Gobind Sadan from my childhood with my parents and have sweet memories and have seen Babaji doing ardas at havan,meeting and solving the problems of sangat by doing ardas himself,distributing langar,spreading the message of love,peace,tolerance and brotherhood. I believe that he is very near to all of us because saints never die they are always spiritually present and they only change their chola as a nature of law.I m sure that anybody who is following the hukams of Babaji can anytime get the darshan of Babaji. Lastly,I pray to Babaji to forgive me for not attending the last rites despite of being in Delhi.I feel myself as a very unfortunate person who did not attended the sanskar and did not got the last darshan of Babaji and can never forgive myself througout my life.I pray to Babaji to forgive me and my family members for this. Ek Onkar Satnam Siri Waheguru

Sara Farchione, Fayetteville, New York
The first time I sat with Babaji at Christmas time in 1998, my life was changed forever. The Love, Peace and Joy that He Is was physically palpable. While I am so very sad that He has left this world, I know that Babaji is not his body and that all that He is and does is only through God’s guidance. We just have to love Him and He is with us. As the Sufi poet Rumi wrote: Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about. Ideas, language, even the phrase “each other” doesn’t make sense. As Babaji taught us: We all can be with Him in that field of Love by going within and listening. I Love You, Babaji

Rev. Dr. Harvey Sindima, Colgate University
The passing of God’s great servant, His Holiness, Babaji Virsa Singh. It is a great personal loss for myself and my wife.His Holiness, Babaji was a spiritual father and a model in holiness. In February 2005, His Holiness taught about holiness in these words: “One becomes one’s ultimate reality that to which one devotes one’s life. A person of faith becomes holy and everything else around him or her becomes holy. One’s own shadow becomes holy, the shadow of the tree under which one stands becomes holy too, and even the tree itself becomes holy. Why? Because one’s life is transformed by the ultimate reality to which one’s is directed”. May God transform our lives so that we may live the life of holiness as Babaji himself showed us. Babaji’s belief is echoed in the nam which we now hear him sing before God, and in which we shall for ever join him in praising God: “Ek Onkar Sat Nam Siri Wahe Guru. Ek Onkar Sat Nam Siri Wahe Guru. Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru.”

Rev Dr Harvey Sindhim, Colgate University
While it was a great shock to learn of the passing of this great servant of God, we join the Gobind Sadan community and Babajis devotees everywhere in thanking God for giving us the gift of a wonderful life, a person dedicated to God’s will in serving humanity, especially the poor. We thank God that Babaji was not a preacher, but a teacher who embodied in himself the love of God for all humanity regardless of status, gender, class, or race. He loved each and every individual with the love of God for in each person, he saw God. He was a towering figure, full of presence, but that was merely a symbol of his true essence that he has now become, a true saint before God. He now stands much taller and majestic before us, for he faithfully completed the mission for which God sent him, namely, to teach us how to love and serve the poor with all our being. His holiness did not spare anything, not a penny nor energy to be there for each and every poor person, but also for all who sought him.

KARAM, California
I have been visiting Gobind Sadan since my childhood and developed faith in God with Maharaj Ji’s blessings. I remember every time I talked to Maharaj Ji, they will say “Mehraan hi Mehraan” and every time I feel blessed and most fortunate to have Maharaj Ji in my life. When I first met Maharaj Ji , they told me to do Jaap Sahib everyday and every time I recite Jaap Sahib I feel Maharaj Ji is with me, and that everything will be fine. Maharaj Ji’s taught me to be a good human being in life. Now Maharaj Ji is physically not with us but their blessings will always remain with all of us.

Jitender Singh Badhwar, Norway
Maharaj Ji, You allways pretended to be a simple human being, but the truth is that you are a Great Magician. Whoever came in front of you became naked, an open book for you. You changed the entire person from inside, transformed human consciousness, without uttering a single word. You looted our heart without giving a single gesture. You developed countless acres of wastelands into productive farm lands. You build a “God’s House without Walls”. You have practically demonstrated how to transform those we consider terrorists into productive citizens. You have provided the spiritual enlightenment to the scientists and the dervish. We always came with tons of questions to your court, and you loaded us with as many answers in seconds. and much much more …… And you still pretend to be a simple farmer, That’s why you are what you are !!!!

Sarvjit Singh, Ontario
Barahm gi?n? sa? j?vai nah? mar??. (The God-conscious being lives forever, and does not die). Barahm gi?n? k? kathi? na j?? a???k?yar. (The God-conscious being cannot be described in words). N?nak barahm gi?n? kao sa?? namask?r. (O Nanak, to the God-conscious being, bow forever in reverence).

Potapov Philip, Kaluga
He was a great saint of our time. I did not meet Him personally but I saw Him in my dream. His religion was Love, Unity and Universal Peace. Let His Ideals flourish in the minds of people!

Kashmir Gellatly, Hawaii
“I am just trying to be a better human being; what I say is not new. I just repeat the commands of God so that people will remember and practice them.” BABA JI Maharaj Ji followed the commands of God. He “walked the talk.” A shining example for all of us. May GOD grant us the grace to always remember HIS light.

Dr.D.V.Bindra, Gurgaon
It was sorrowful news that great son of sarawana bodla is no longer with us in mortal form

Naresh Singh, New York and Ottawa
Babaji’s passing leaves me with mixed feelings. I was close to him for 14 years and so the earthly physical results that I received through his blessings should make me sad. But the overwhelming feeling is one of commitment to carry through the mission he enthrusted to me. He chose to leave because he knew his physical presence with us had fulfilled its purpose and a new phase should begin. It is his way of renewing his mission. The best opportunity to show results towards his mission is now. In deep reverence.

Richard Breyer, Syracuse, New York
The first of many night I visited Gobind Sadan in Hastings, New York I was surprised, even shocked, that the music had a quality I had never heard before. The same was true of the expressions of those who sang and prayed around the fire. Even the food that was served that night had a different taste. “When we sing, we should expect only the reward of God’s grace,” a man told me as we sipped tea sitting on a mattress in the trailer that had been set up to replace the farmhouse that had been burned down by arsonists. “That’s what he told us,” he said nodding at a photograph of Baba ji on an opposite wall. I don’t know if I will ever find that full, clear voice of those who live expecting only God’s grace. I struggle to find it and am so grateful to Baba ji and his disciples for showing me this light.

Susan Farchione, Syracuse, NY
BabaJi, I am blessed to have been in your presence in this life, and feel a great loss to this world. This I Know, Your Spirit will forever bless all and lift us to continue your mission of bringing God’s Love and Peace to this world. I am sorry I will not get the physical touch of your blessings, but I feel your presence in my life now greater than ever. I Love You!

harinder pal singh, toronto
Babaji, Thanks for making my life so good today. The luxuries that I enjoy today, the mental peace that I have today, I truly believe is because of your blessing…you showed me the way to live life king size..I tried to follow a lot of many simple things you say…and they have been of tremendous help to me, they have been the source of my strength. Babaji, even Guru Gobind Singh prayed to almighty god, I pray to that same almighty god to bless you whereever you are today. I pray to that same almight god to fulfill every thing that you left incomplete. Babaji I never viewed you as a saint, I always looked at you as my friend….and you became that for me. Babaji, what is love and what it means to get loved is what I learnt from you….. I can tell you babaji, that you were a great man and great best friend for me. And I still belive that you only said simple things but with very very powerfull effects….. Babaji I love you and god bless you and Gobind Sadan.


Harinder Singh (Bawa), Toronto
Babaji, Babaji, I feel the best tribute to you would be to pick up any one teaching of your’s and adopt it for the life…. You were a very powerful, yet extremely gentle soul, you had enormous powers yet amazingly simple and full of love….. Babaji, bless us.

Rohit, Neha, Shivin Maini, Brampton
We are blessed to have your love showered upon us and will greatly miss you. You have been a guider and a grantor of much happiness. we never got a chance to say thank you for our son Shivin and wish you could have seen how beautiful your gift to us is. we hope our love reaches you and may your name and Gobind Sadan always stay in everyones hearts.

Marcus and Mary Braybrook, Oxford,
Dear Friends, It was with real sadness that we heard of the death of His Hoilness Baba Virsa Singh Ji. We know that Babaji’s spirit is as much with us as ever, but we will all sadly miss his physical presence. We are am grateful for his loving concern when we have had the privilege of being received by him and are grateful also for the hospitality that we and others have received at Gobind Sadan. We all need to rededicate ourselves to the search for peace and interfaith friendship and care of the poor which he taught and showed by his example. On behalf of the World Congress of Faiths and persoanlly may I assure you and the community of our prayers and sympathy. With my special memories of the Jesus Place, it seems appropriate that as Christians and many others were celebrating the birth of Jesus that Babaji was being reborn into the world of the spirit. May all people hear and respond to God’s message of peace and goodwill. With our love Marcus and Mary

Marcus Braybrooke, Oxford
Dear Friends It was with real sadness that we heard of HH Baba Virsa Singh’s death.I know that Babaji’s spirit is as much with us as ever, but you will sadly miss his physical presence. I am grateful for his loving concern when I have had the privilege of being received by him and am grateful for the hospitality that I and others have received at Gobind Sadan. We all need to rededicate ourselves to the search for peace and interfaith friendship and care of the poor which he taught and showed by his example. Mary and I assure you and the community of our prayers and sympathy

Amitav Banerji, London
Babaji may have left us physically, but his spiritual presence will eternally be there to guide and inspire us. While we do mourn his passing away, we also celebrate a life of selfless service to humanity.

A.Leelakrishna, Coimbatore
Babaji will always be with us. long live Maharaj ji.

Harpreet Singh, Kota (Rajasthan)
Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ke Fateh It was with real sadness that we heard of the death of His Hoilness Baba Virsa Singh Ji. We know that Babaji’s spirit is as much with us as ever, but we will all sadly miss his physical presence. We are am grateful for his loving concern when we have had the privilege of being received by him and are grateful also for the hospitality that we and others have received at Gobind Sadan. We all need to rededicate ourselves to the search for peace and interfaith friendship and care of the poor which he taught and showed by his example. On behalf of the World Congress of Faiths and persoanlly may I assure you and the community of our prayers and sympathy. With my special memories of the Jesus Place, it seems appropriate that as Christians and many others were celebrating the birth of Jesus that Babaji was being reborn into the world of the spirit. With our love Harpreet Singh G/o of Late S.Pritam Singh (Kota) 09829930872

Noordin Kassam, London
I was very fortunate to meet Bababji twice during my visit in early 2006 and stay at his head quarters. I consider myself very lucky to have met such an inspiring spiritual leader with such broadness in his outlook and philosophy. I was also blessed with his blessings. He will always be in my heart, thoughts and prayers. I pray for his soul to rest in eternal peace and pray that Gobind foundation continue with his good work.

Maria van Velsen, ‘Hertogenbosch
The end of october we first visited Gobind Sadan and we were so fortunate to met Baba Virsa Singh. Your words: ‘LOVE, TRUTH and SEVA we took with us on our pelgrimage throughout India and also now in our daily life. What moved us in the ashram was the always birning flame for peace, the endless prayers and chants, the serenity, the loving people, the hospitality. Baba, Your words: ‘How to be a better human being’ we could feel throughout the atmosphere in the ashram. Thank You. Anne and Maria from Holland

Bettina Gray,
The insight, courage and leadership of Baba Versa Singh in interfaith relations and as a light to the world for compassion and understanding, will be sorely missed. Even as we mourn our own loss in his passing, may we rejoice at his soul’s liberation to God’s “many mansions.” Bettina Gray, Communications Chair North American Interfaith Network

Sana Rafiq, MA
~ In the memory of His Holiness Baba Virsa Sing Ji: I received the news of Baba Ji’s death with mixed emotions, beginning with disbelief, shock, sadness and lastly an emptiness that I realized his passing away had left in my consciousness. My family came into contact with him and the several members of Gobind Sadan through my late grandfather, and both Baba Ji and my grandfather seemed to share a spiritual understanding. I believe that God sends spiritual guides in our way to foster peace and better relations, and such was Baba Ji’s presence, a pure ray of healing light among his people. Our deepest condolences to the Gobind Sadan family, Sincerely, Sana Rafiq Warsi & family MA, USA

Gurminder (Gindu), Chandigarh
It was with real sadness that we heard of the death of His Hoilness Baba Virsa Singh Ji. We know that Babaji’s spirit is as much with us as ever, but we will all sadly miss his physical presence. He had a great personality and today where I am stands for the blessings of Baba Ji. He was always with us whenever we needed him. We are am grateful for his loving concern when we have had the privilege of being received by him and are grateful also for the hospitality that we and others have received at Gobind Sadan. We all need to rededicate ourselves to the search for peace and interfaith friendship and care of the poor which he taught and showed by his example. I never forget a Great Saint BABA VIRSA SINGH JI ‘SARAWAN BODLAN WALE’.

Maharaj ji is my supreme God. He is only physically gone to SachKhand but his blessings always withme. Maharaj ji I am always with u. you remember core to heart, I will front of you. I LOVE U MERE MAHARAJ JI. ASSIN TUHADIA MEHRAN NU KADE V BHULA NAHI SAKDE. SANU PAKKA FAITH HAI K TUSI HAMESHA SADE NAL HO.

Fons & Patricia Delnooz, Gendt
Our gratefullnes goes to shree babaji who gave so much to the world. Babaji’s message of unity of religions, unity of mankind, peace and harmony are so valuble to all of us. In Babaji’s Ashram this message came alive to us, more than it did ever before. We are most grateful for that. We trust Babaji will spiritually guide all his people throughout the world. We pray that the ashrams find ways to continue Babaji’s beautiful work. In true love for peace and harmony, Fons Delnooz and Patricia Martinot

Mohammad, London
May god rest Babaji soul, what a great soul he was/is (as Babaji would say soul is eternal). I searched a long time for a true spiritual teacher,and during my search I met many conmen and charlatans(especially in India). Until finally I met Babji he was/is a true Guru, what a great loss to the world that such a GREAT SOUL has passed. I will dearley miss Baba Ji for he was the TRUE GURU/GUIDE that many are searching for, MAY GOD BLESS HIM FOR ALL THE LIGHT HE HAS BROUGHT INTO THIS WORLD.

Raman Khanna, Abu Dhabi
It is still hard to beleive that Maharaj Ji as my whole family called him is no longer with us in person but then again he lives in our hearts and minds. His teachings will always be with us and guide us through ups and downs of life. My childhood memories of visiting him as a kid are still fresh in my mind. You had that sense of complete trust that no matter what your problems were, Maharaj Ji will take care of the problems or he will grant you strength to bear the burden of those problems.Growing up I enjoyed working in the fields with sevadars from all parts of India and abroad. Maharaj Ji guided me through all stages of my life. Today I have reached such heights in my career that I never imagined possible for me. Maharaj made this possible.Above all he helped me in becoming a good human being. Respect for all religion has been his message. In todays world where religion has become a deviding factor, he was the hope and we must continue his work.

DR.Pritam Singh, Ipoh, Perak


loraine matthews, melbourne
I feel so blessed to have met Maharaji a living saint in 2004. His words of wisdom will always be cherished in my heart.

Alexey Dmitriev, Moscow
Dear Baba ji! Thank You for everything that You’ve been doing through all Your life for all the mankind. The warmth, kindness, wisdom and love of Your eyes keep shining in my mind and hope will always be…You’ve been working and suffering for others through your whole life and i, among the others, would like to thank you for changing my life. Love You always, dear Maharaj.

Harinder Pal Singh, Toronto
Dear Babaji, I want to thank you for giving me the confidence in life that I have today. Thanks to your preaching, today I know that every problem or obstacle in my life would be removed, today I know that no matter what and where you will always be there for me. The blessings of almighty will always be there for us. Babaji, today I have peace of mind and sense of security. And I am truly grateful to you. Babaji, you have made me fearless, you have changed my life where I believe that whatever I can dream of, or wish is totally achievable, with your blessings. Babaji, you have explained the meaning of word “God.” You have explained what love and god is. You have taught us all to be good human beings. Babaji, may almighty bless you and Bless Gobind Sadan. May your teachings and charisma reach more people so more could benefit.

balvinder kaur, toronto
Ek Omkar Satnam Shri Waheguru. We will definetly miss our Father,Guru,Lord,and God in person. We saw all the ‘roops’ of “rishtey” in HIM along with the “roop” of Nirankar. HE is, what I call an original….there is only one of Him and there aren’t going to be anymore… The best tribute to our Maharaji/Babaji, as we all call him, is follow the path He showed us thruought His life…. The path of truth, seva, satsang, goodness and helping others and above all recite the Naam and Meditate as He always used quote ” haath per se kaam kar chit niranjan naal “. He is and will always remain with us and shower His blessings.

koshin, Bob Hanson, Neshkoro, Wisconsin NA
The people of Gobind Sadan are in our prayers, as are sisters and brothers of all faiths around the world who feel the loss of our spiritual and human brother, Baba ji. I remember the times I met him and our two weeks in the village, and am sad by his death. But this is also a time of hope, as we live out his vision of unity on this earth among all peoples, cultures and faiths. May the Ground of all Being, God, Allah, (Peace be upon him) and all names we have for the power and presence of God in our lives be with us as we mourn and move into the future. Peace and love, koshin, (boundless heart) Bob Hanson

balvinder, toronto
Ek Omkar Satnam Shri Waheguru. We will definetly miss our Father, Guru ,Lord,and God inperson. We saw all the ‘roops’ of “rishtey” in HIM along with the “roop” of Nirankar. HE is, what I call an original….there is only one of Him and there aren’t going to be anymore… The best tribute to our Maharaji/Babaji, as we all call him, is to follow the path, He showed us through out His wordly life…. The path of truth, seva, satsang, goodness and helping others and above all recite the Naam and Meditate as He always used quote ” haath per se kaam kar chit niranjan naal “. He is and will always remain with us and shower His blessings. Thanks Maharajji for EVERYTHING in this life and other life. Aapji da mehar bharya hath sada sab te rahe. Sab te mehar karo kirpa karo, bakshish karo. Aapji de Bachhe.

I, virender ghai ,bow to the great visionary and healer & lover of all religions with a message I Know to Continue His Battle for Goodness of love a healing on another Plane His holiness Baba Virsa Singh Ji Left not us but gone deep among in us to carry his holi task .The BABAJI`S SOUL NEVER DIES,HE LIVES FOREVER. VIRENDER GHAI

Maharaj di bacchi, Sonali, San Francisco, CA
Mere Pyare Babul, Mere Rab, Mere Maharaj ji,You are my ever loving, omnipresent father,I ask from you as a child and you give me as a father, unconditionally.You are FAITH.A few years back a child asked me if I knew “what is GOD” I immediately thought of you and unhesitatingly replied,God is Love.You are the embodiment of divine love.If there is one word I can describe you in, it is LOVE. Your love is boundless,goes beyond human imagination,it is all-encompassing,and flows from your entire Being,down to humans, the cattle, horses, rivers and the very soil from which everything is created.You are my GOD my creator and preserver.I feel your benign presence beside me,I revel in your beneficent and protective gaze,I feel your hand upon my head.Mere Baabul,you have always been with me no matter where I am,You have carried me through the burning sands of my karmas,you have come running to me in the thick of night and soothed me.You are always with your children, Nikat Khaloa Mera Baabulra.

vinrender ghai, delhi
Accept our deep feeling & homage to holi baba Virsa Singh ji,enlightened soul never dies,they live forever VIRENDER GHAI


Smarth, India
I was privileged and honored to meet with Babaji; to know that he is no more comes as a shock. It is difficult to believe that I will not see him again… may his soul rest in peace!

Donna Young, Montana
Baba ji, It is with much love and many precious memories that I will hold you in my heart and soul. Thank you for gracing my life and Bud’s with such peace and joy. May it always be so. Until we meet again… Donna Young

Ajoy Roy, Syracuse ,NY
Baba ji you blessed our lives with your presence and your teachings .your physical presence will be sorely missed by all of us but your love will always be felt by us and your teachings will continue to guide us .

Karen Ingvoldstad, Neshkoro, Wisconsin
To the loving community at Gobind Sadan: I celebrate with you the life, words, and works of Baba Ji. I am filled with gratitude for Baba Ji’s leadership and example of loving service to humanity and his embracing of diversity in all walks of life. It has been an honor to meet him. May I/we honor him by continuing to follow his example. May his legacy continue. Blessed be his memory. I send peace and love to all of you at this time. May the Blessings of God rest upon you. May we be consoled by God’s love. Karen

Vikram Atwal, New Delhi
All in All Whitest of white; your soul is pure and divine. white as the light your skin glows, white as pearls your dress sparkles, whiter than the sun, your face shines Oh! My guru, my lord I beg for your blessing. Sweeter than the hymns, are the words you speak, holier than the mantras, are your preaching, tenderer than flowers, is your sight mightier than the sword, are your acts. Oh! My father, my protector I beg for your blessing. The path you show, is the way to God The light you shine, opens our eyes The music you play, arouses our souls. The life you live is a symbol to all. Oh! My mother, my governor. I beg for your blessing. Your home bigger than palaces, for it encompasses the universe, your chair higher than thrones, for you rule over all souls Your dress grander than uniforms, for it symbolizes peace. Your name known to all, for it is one but God. Oh! My friend, my companion. I beg for your blessing. A scholar that you are, for you write through us. Cont.

paramjit, malaysia
Sad to hear Baba Ji has passed away.

Joseph Michael Levry, New York
Babaji, you have beautifully touched us all with your pure love and light. You have blessed our lives with your powerful presence and wisdom. We are forever grateful and thankful. You are the very form of the immortal Naam, and a symbol of Eternal Light. You will always be with us. May your blessings, your unconditional love, and Naam continue to protect and guide us. May we all be more than ever commited in carrying forth your healing mission of love and peace so as to uplift humankind. We love you you very much Maharaj Ji. In deep reverence, Joseph Michael Levry

Bob Serafini, Syracuse, NY
When I had the great honor and fortune to meet Babaji in 1987, He told me of the significant times in my past personal life. Most importantly, He gave me the key to my future life —“EK ONKAR SATMAN SIRI WEHE GURU”,meditation and prayer. I am grateful for His intervention and continuing support. Our conversations will continue. In thanksgiving for His teachings, I remain commited to the mission.

Harinder Pal Singh, Toronto
Babaji, I was thinking about you today and my meetings with you, few thinsg stood out: 1. No matter who came to you, no matter what stage- You always said- “Meher.” You always blessed. 2. You never said “No” to anaything. 3. You always had a smile. 4. One very encouraging thinsg you always said” Koi Na Biba…Tu path kar….Meher hai…..” Nothing was impossible. You always talked positive and instilled positive energy. 5. Babaji, as I type in this email..I see your beautiful picture on left had side….You always have had this smile… We love you babaji…always be here for us….Babaji..you always gave me….I do not have the ability to give you anything in return….But babaji, I pray to almighty that he may bless you, he may bless your mission, and all that you left incomplete may now be fulfilled…. I want to thank you for everything.. Babaji, this is meant to be a tribute to you….I am using this to talk with you….Bless us all..

sharanjeet, india
I can’t forget maharaj ji & his words. Who will say “Mehraan hi Mehraan”

sharanjeet, patiala
i’ll never froget his words. i’ll miss his words. who will say “mehran hi mehran”

Sara Stolyarova, Haifa
It is hard to overestimate the impression I got from the meeting with Baba Virsa Singh Ji.His idea of recognition and respect to all religions is the most fruitful for the peace in our world.

Harinder Pal Singh, Toronto
Babaji, I have a message for you, this is from a songshabad that you sand.: “Datta fer kadoon awaingaa jaroor das ja…..datta janda hoina mera koi kasoor das ja…..” “Mein chiithian (letters) kidar nu pawan….jaanda hoina das na gayon…” You know what Babaji,no matter what they say about those Brahmgyani thinsg etc….All I know is that every time I stepped in Gobind Sadan, the first thing I would ask anyone is “is maharaj ji meeting people in the evening…is maharaj ji giving darshan in the evening….” It will take me very long to adjust, and control myself to not ask these sentences…… I will miss you a lot Babaji, I am not so blessed to see you everywhere, I am a common man, who loved you…….I love you Babaji.

Ekam Onkar Sat Naam Sri Vaheguru Dhan-Dhan Sri Guru Nanak Devji Maharajji Dhan-Dhan Baba Sri Chandji Maharajji Dhan-Dhan Guru Sri Guru Gobind Singhji Maharajji Dhan-Dhan Guru Sant Baba Virsa Singhji How tenth guru praise and explain the qualities features of god (akaal purakh in jaap sahib. and told us there is no end of this. And one cannot explain fully about true Braham Gayani guru. so as a humble sevak and student of Sant Guru Baba Virsa Singhji Maharaj I will try to praise my Guru-Maharajji you are the King Of Kings, Emperor Of The Emperors. You are my true father. As a spiritual teacher there is no example of my Guru. After 24 December my inner side is unpeacefull. My soul( atma)is crying many time in days. but my belief in my guru and in his teaching always brought me up from this becoz I am feeling my guru is with me always like he was before. But now we all will miss his that smile which is not having example and lighten face like hundred sun is shining in the sky.

Nikko, South Australia
“You will find what you are looking for.” Baba Ji I know that Baba Ji will always be with us all in spirit, his love will continue to radiate around this universe and beyond. His legacy of love and compassion will continue, for as sure as the sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening. I am so lucky to have been given the opportunity of being study under Baba Ji. Baba Ji changed my life in a multitude of dimensions. Peace be with you Baba Ji. Your ever loving student, Nikko.

Amanpreet Singh, Anandpur Sahib
Baba ji will always be with me and my family He said ” you have the Guru Nanak Ji’s blessings with you, no need to fear ” He has gone to ” Nij Ghar ” Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru

Dr.Satinder Mullick, Corning,NY
Ek Onkar Satnam Siri WaheGuruji; This is my second tribute after reading so many others. Sarvjit Singhji of Canada quoted from Guru Nanak about Brahm Gyani lives for ever.Very true!!! Like many,we have seen Holi Maharajji–Babaji’s miracles over 38 years.Mother Thersea is likely to become A SAINT ,due to her miracles.I believe Babaji is a SAINT due to HIS MANY MIRACLES. I have been to a few Holy places in Mexico,Canada,India,France and Brazil.In Mexico,faithfuls kneel from a few 100’s yards to the center where Lord Jesus Christ statue is.In Montreal,Canada,the Church is on a HILL SIDE–steep slope.Many on Strechers/walking aids/sticks climb to Lord Jesus Christ and you leave their walking sticks in front of him.There are 100’s of sticks,visible there. I believe those faithfuls can still find their miracles by going to GOBIND SADAN and doing Jaap Sahib in the HAVAN room,praying in front of Baba Siri Chand’s place next to it,or Going to Jesus Park.

Dr.Satinder Mullick, Corning,NY
This is Part 2 of my suggestion as a tribute to Holi Maharajji who has bestowed many miracles on Mullick Family. 1) Gobind Sadan,Delhi is a place where miracles happened and will continue to happen if we follow Holi Maharajji’s words. 2)Babaji–Holi Maharajji shabad on Baba Sri Chandji’s birthday on APRIL 21st,1996 should be in every faithfuls possession.Sant Singhji/Mary Fisher has that tape at Gobind Sadan.He has given us many tapes(copies) and we have distributed it to others. We listen to this tape every morning and it helps us. So if you can not go to Gobind Sadan regularly,PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS TAPE and HOLI MAHARAJJI will be with you.You will feel HIM guiding you for the whole day.

ChanchaLTaneja, Shimla
“Ek Murat Anek Darshan Keen Roop Anek” As Said By You In Jaap Sahib Hey My Almighty We Were Fortunate Enough To Get Your Darshan In Your Mortal Form Dhan Baba Virsa Singh ji. Hey My Param Pittha Parmeshwar My Nank a My Shiva My Kali My Jesus My Creator My Guru Granth sahib ji I Bow To Thy Lotus Feet. You Got Me Rid Of All The Wrong Things Of Life Before You Made Me Come in Touch With You And made Me Realise That Life Is Just Not For Petty Pleasures And material Gains, But Much More Larger Than This. Iam Still Far Away From you Teachings, But I PromiseI Would Try My Best To Do So. As you Rightly Said” I am Closer Than Your Hands And Feet” Bless Us All So That We Can make Good Of This Human Birth And Make Your Words A Reality Of Our Lives. Hey The Creator Of Universe Bless Us All So That We Can Follow Your Teachings And Get To What You wanted Us To Get To. You Have Already Told Us In Jaap Sahib, That You Are Beyond Words, Writings And Brains, So Bless Us To Move Ahead Of All This And Do What You’ve Told Us To Do Dhan Dhan Param Pittha Parmeshwar Baba Virsa Singh ji Maharaj. You Have Blessed Us All,Now Just Bless Us To Follow your Every Word.

Dr.Satinder Mullick, Corning,NY
I gave you the wrong date for Holi Maharajji’s tape.It is Sept.21st,1996 tape–where Babaji was talking about Baba Sri Chandji. Sant Singhji/Maryji has this tape. Baba Sri Chandji’s birthday was celebrated on 20th and 21st Sept. 1996 at Gobind Sadan.There are tapes for Sept.20th and 21st Sept. We listen to Sept.21st ,1996 tape every morning to help for a better day.–sitting 10,000 miles away from Delhi. Please listen to it and you will find HIM giving you guidance and strength.

Bud Young, Polson, Montana
It was a privilege to sit at your feet and hear you speak to me of things known only to me, and I was blessed by your interpretation of scriptural things I did not understand. Thank you. I will always remember your welcoming smile, deep insight, and faith-filled presence. Until we meet again. Bud Young

Henry Ahlefelder, New Mexico
Guru Maharaj was a true saint. Beyond any teacher, healer etc., he embodied the limitless boundless love of the universe. To sit in his presence was to be loved beyond all comprehension. My meeting him, and being blessed with the Holy Nam, was the most profound experience of my life. The precious gifts he gave are beyond words. The fire of his sacred Havan will burn in my heart forever. The feeling of loss is overwhelming, yet does not compare to all that was gained from his time on earth. Godspeed, Maharaj.

inder pal singh, milwaukee ..

inder pal singh, milwaukee ,wisconsin

Naresh Nagpal, elhi
To sit in his presence was to be loved beyond all comprehension. My meeting him, and being blessed with the Holy Nam, was the most profound experience of my life.

Gaston, Cartago
A master like none alive these days. A teacher of Truth and a lover of Truth.

Dr.Satinder Mullick, Corning,NY
Holy Maharajji knew like Guru Gobind Singhji that HIS TIME is now to Pass HIS MISSION to HIS devotees. So many gatherings were organized in 2006 and 2007.In Sept.2007,HE asked Gurbachan Singhji of Gobind Sadan USA to come and HE took care of both for over a month. Wikipedia article on Guru Gobind Singhji says at the end: Guru Gobind Singhji was wounded by two Pathans sent by Wazir Shah.The wound healed after stitiching,but later reopened while HE was practicing Bow and Arrow.Then HE OPTED NOT TO GET WOUND RESTITCHED and HE BELIEVED TIME TO PASS HAS COME.HE told that GURU GRANTH SAHIBJI is OUR GURU. I believe Strongly that Baba Virsa Singhji also knew.In Feb. 2006,HE told me that there was a reason for HIM not eating when HE was unwell in Dec.2005.Like Guru Gobind Singhji–BrahmGyani Babaji knew. HIS MISSION IS WELL SET for many generations to learn from and Gobind Sadan has been created for his followers to come to and seek Guidance and Miracles.

dalbir singh, banglore
Maharaj ji tells us how to live the life(kahe dole hei prania tohe rakhe ga sirjanhar) i love maharaj ji till i live.

Bhupinder Singh, raipur,Chhattisgarh
I came to know about baba ji through my sister I feel very lucky that I know about baba ji & have had his darshan in photograph. I was shocked when I came to about this. I wanted to take the darshan of Baba ji ,now I do an ardaas to Baba ji that take me to Gobind Sadan atleast once in my life. Baba VIRSA SINGH JI will be always remain my heart till my memory works, even after my death.

Rev. Tim Cook, Austin
I am filled with utter and overwhelming gratitude for the privilege of having been in the blessing presence of Maharaji. He has taught me, healed me, blessed me, enriched me, encouraged me, inspired me and communicated a peace to my soul that has never gone away since our first miraculous and mysterious meeting in 1979. There is no way I can ever thank God enough for the gift of His presence on the earth in the Maharaj. At this moment I am still feeling the shock of his passing. Such a one as Babaji comes rarely in many centuries.

Mandeep Singh (Micky), Delhi
If God had a face, it was Babaji’s, If God had a voice, it was Babaji’s, If God gave blessings, it all came through Babaji. Everyone has lost a father who was no else but the almighty himself. Babaji- you are always with us and are blessing each one of us even more. EVERY ONE MISSES YOU MAHARAJ JI!!

Frank Woolever, Syracuse, N.Y.
Babaji’s visits to Palermo, New York will not be forgotten. I know how he touched the hearts of many in our area. Babaji’s embrace of the truth in every religion follows in the footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi. Special greetings to Ralph Singh (and family) who has been Babaji’s faithful associate for many years. Frank Woolever

maninder singh[uk], gurdaspur sangat
I always think that you are always stand next to me and always be with me.Sometime I cryies and always prays that yoone day you met me.Also a great thiughts in my mind about the sant mahapurush who talks always about you,and who is my link to you which is s.Joginder singh ji [gurdaspur ‘s sangat].YOU are always with us for forever and lives in our hearts.

Peter Parkash, Hornsby
Although I did not have the opportunity of meeting Maharaji in person, but I experienced his greatness through his words and deeds. I am one of those tens and thousands grateful NRIs who avail themselves his contributions on the internet. May Maharaji’s great soul rest in heavens with the lord.

manwinder Singh, Hayes
He guided me and helped me. Showed me the right path and thanks to his blessings.Will miss him. Raam gayo ravan gayo ja ko gayo parivaar ay marg sansar ka nanak thir nahi koy he is with us through his teachings & blessings

Elena, Moscow
Dear Mary! Babaji is in our hearts always

Neeraj Gupta, New Delhi
Ek Onkar Satnam sri waheguru.

Aman Sandhu, Mumbai
I never met babaji, I never heard his satsang & I never had the opportunity to meet this amazing being of light & love. I only knew him & some of his teachings through this website & I couldn’t help but notice the radiance this saint had. He must have been a great soul & I only wish he blesses me & looks after all the souls looking for their eternal home. May his blessings shower upon all of us.

Chanchal taneja, Shimla
Ek Onkar Satnam Shri Waheguru Believe me he has gone no where, he is always with us taking care of us. it is we who ignore him. He has written every where The Gita, The Ramayan, Sahib ShriGuru Granth Sahib,recite naam and I will make u pure. Now it is for us to make ourselves worthy enough to see him and talk to him,by reciting his name getting up early in the morning(amrit waele).The only tribute we can give him is recite his nam and feelhis presence in everything we do. May he bless us all

PAMMI photographer, chandigarh
MAHARAJ JI always blessed our families with HIS PURE VISSION. We all are greatly thankful to MAHARAJ JI for showing us the right track of life(JAAP SAHIB). MAHARAJ JI AAP KITE VI GAYE NAHI BAS AAP JI NU DEKHAN TE MEHSOOS KARAN WALI AKHAN(EYES)DI JAROORAT HAI. MAHARAJ JI we always MISS your PHISICAL PRESSENCE with trars. MERE BADSHAH

Parminder, Mohali
‘Ek Onkar Satnam Sri Waheguru’. This Guru Mantra given by Babaji will remain in the minds of his followers. We should always pray that his blessings remain with us.

Damanpreet singh, G.Noida
“Ek Omkar Satnam Sri Waheguru”.Babaji was a great Sant.I firmly beleive that they will give there Darshan again rathar they are in our Sprits

“Keep growing in love for your Master. Do not look to this side or that or even at the path ahead, because people will always be criticizing you.”

Baba Virsa Singh

“Trees do not wear crosses, but the great spiritual beings see God in trees. Water has no symbols, but Guru Gobind Singh says, ‘My God is in water.”

Baba Virsa Singh JI

"We do spiritual practices to gradually prepare the way for enlightenment. It does not come immediately."

Baba Virsa Singh JI

"Management does not change things. It is God who changes people."

Baba Virsa Singh JI

"Our mind is not controlled. It is a fire fed by wood from the whole world."

Baba Virsa Singh JI

"Think that everything in this world exists with God’s blessings, whether we regard it as pleasant or unpleasant."

Baba Virsa Singh JI

"First look within yourself, and then you will see God everywhere."

Baba Virsa Singh JI

"If we keep faith and love in difficulties, and pray for those who abuse us, we will always remain happy & free."

Baba Virsa Singh Ji

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