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Library Catalog Field Descriptions

Cataloging the Gobind Sadan Library

In order to make the GS Library, including the India catalog located on the bookstore, as useful as possible, the following info needs to be added or updated for each item.

The India catalog has a good start, but could use more info whenever that info is attainable. The CD labeling is also a big step in identifying specific items.

All fields will not be applicable to all items.

This must be a serialized ID unique to each catalog item. Versions of any item should each have a separate catalog entry.
To my knowledge, there are no catalog numbers used in India, so I will create an indexing system to use. This could be a simple (sequential numbering starting with, say 100), or complex (letter/number code combinations for product types/ item numbers). Its a matter of keeping a master listing of all items, and giving them a unique number. ISBN should be used where available to keep from cross-referencing. This way, IF there were ambiguously named items (see title below), or an item available in several formats, positive ID of an item would be easier.

Entries should use one of the following:
active (currently available for distribution – this does not mean in stock)
inactive (

Current availability – this does not mean out of stock. Useful to catalog a book that is in the library, say in India, but not available for distribution and will not be re-printed


Where are the stock locations? (check all that apply)

Optional ISBN number if one is assigned

This should match the name displayed on the cover of all printed material if such a name exists. Otherwise, a title needs to be assigned. Here is an example in the India catalog (Store website left menu) of a title that may very well be on the cover, but by itself is non-descriptive as to what it is.
Item #6 in the India catalog
Gobind Sadan    Bibi Gurcharan Kaur    5

Or list of authors if applicable.

This should be a brief one paragraph description of the item. It should be written as if the reader has no knowledge of the content. If a speech, the main topics should be listed or included so that the topic can be searched. Examples can be seen in the Library descriptions for the Gobind Sadan Times.
Examples for books can be seen on the Gobind Sadan Publications website. 

Long Description
Example: Amazon’s prodict descriptions.

Format (or binding)
See the cataloging formats document.

The number of pages of a printed item.

height x width X depth

This is the total length, in time, of a media item. Length should be listed as hh:mm  (hours:minutes)

The primary languages in the media. If more than one, the primary should be listed first. If there is a voice-over translation or commentary, that should be listed in addition to the primary language. Translation is a direct translation of the original, often done with volume of the original language lowered. Commentary means a voice-over that is ABOUT what is going on in the video and not necessarily a translation.
For example: Punjabi with English commentary.

Publication date
The date the item was last assembled into the format being distributed.

Event Date
If the item is a recording of an event, this should be the date of the event. If the recording is a compilation of several events, Event Date should not be used.

Collection info
Is the item a set of 2 or more CDs, DVDs, etc.
For example: 5 CD series, If the individual items in a set have their own titles (other than 1, 2, 3, etc) each should have their own catalog entry to be able to locate easier.

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