Saved on the Highway

Rakesh Khanna, media specialist:

My mother and I were coming at 11 p.m. from Chandigarh to Delhi I dozed off at the wheel. Our car hit rough ground, flipped over, and slid across several lanes on the national highway. ended up facing in the opposite direction. There had previously been heavy traffic, but no one hit us. No bones were hurt. I had only a scraped elbow, and my mother had slight internal injuries. I remember that I was not doing Jaap Sahib. but at the impact it began playing in my mind.

Everyone who saw the condition of our car says it was a miracle that we even survived. And help came immediately. Within five minutes, a man with a truck came from a petrol station, in an otherwise deserted area, and took us to a dispensary. Another Sikh gentleman stopped his car to help us, for he said he had been in an accident once and no one helped, so he wanted to do what he could. I know it was all Maharaj’s grace, and I’m very grateful.