Brain Tumor Arrested

Sarabjeet Kaur’s story: (as told by her mother, Bachan Kaur from the village of Gobindgarh, Haryana, India)

When the girl was young she fell ill. Many operations had to be done, and much of her leg was affected. She could no walk at all. We fed her food and water in lying position, for she could not even sit up. She was ten years old and she was so thin that she weighed only 14 kilograms.

She had a sore in her head and bad-smelling liquid oozed from her ear. The doctors said that a tumor had formed in her brain. An operation was done in P.G.I in Chandigarh, and all the hair on her head was shaved off. There was some improvement’ but she used to have many fits after the operation. Still she did not walk at all.

Then we came to Gobind Sadan. Maharaj was not here; he was at Garh (Gobind Sadan’s big farm on the banks of the Ganges in Uttar Pradesh). Gianiji (a great visionary empowered by Baba Virsa Singh) prayed for my daughter, and we stayed at Gobind Sadan for two nights. Then we went to Garh and stayed there for two months. Four days after we went there’ my daughter was able to grasp the wooden bed frame and sit up. As we did volunteer service at Garb, she slowly improved. She began sitting, standing, and walking. She does not remember anything of that period. We did not go back to any doctor, and we gave up all medicines. With Maharaj’s blessings she takes jaal (holy water) and the ash from the haven. Maharaj gave us jaal himself. She has taken no medicine since then.

Now she is fourteen years old and she is having problems again. We have spoken with Maharaj and he says she will be all right: the thing will be destroyed inside