Operations Cancelled

Neelam Malhotra, Delhi resident came to Gobind Sadan on July 5, 2005 to distribute very delicious panjiri at Jesus’s Place because:
She had great fluid swelling behind her knees and osteoarthritis, and couldn’t walk without great pain. She went to a highly respected New Delhi hospital and consulted with two well-known orthodopedic surgeons. They said a big operation was necessary but couldn’t guarantee whether she would be able to walk afterward or not. The room was booked, and the date for the operation was fixed. She came to Maharaj and he told her no operation was necessary. He told her to do 7 days of seva here, told Mary to do ardas for her at Jesus’s Place, and told her to distribute panjiri there after she was okay. Mary also rubbed oil from the diva there behind Neelam’s knees. Now the swelling is gone, and with the help of medicine only, she is okay. She is beaming.

Her son Pankaj earlier had a torn ligament in his right ankle from a motorscooter accident. They took him to some of the best hospitals in Delhi. A very well known orthopedist had him get an x-ray and MRI of the ankle. All the doctors advised an operation, so the room was booked for the operation. The doctors could give no assurance that he would be able to walk after the operation. They came to Maharaj and he said, “No operation is needed. Instead, do seven days’ seva here and have Pankaj take jaal (holy water from Jesus’ feet) for seven days. After that, go to any doctor you want for a second opinion, get any Xray, get any MRI you want, and they will all be normal.” After Neelam, his mother, had done 7 days’ seva here at Gobind Sadan, she went home and found her son walking all around. Fifteen days after the seva started, they took Pankaj to an excellent doctor for the second opinion. He examined Pankaj, looked at the xray and MRI and declared, “This is not the MRI of this patient.” Maharaj said to the family, “I don’t do anything; He does everything. There is no greater doctor than God, and He will cure you.”