Dharma Teaches Love not Hatred

babaji.jpgBaba Virsa Singh’s Birthday Message

His Holiness Baba Virsa Singh has always stressed that much of the conflict in the world is caused by those who either do not understand or who misinterpret the spiritual force and teachings that is Dharma. In order to clear these misunderstandings Baba ji made this the major focus of his birthday message.

“Dharma is not the separate subject that everyone has made it. Dharma grows out of kindness. Dharma drives out hatred. It is the unifying force of the Universe and can not be used to create conflict. Wherever a spiritual person looks, if he still sees separate religions then that is not true Dharma.

All the Scriptures have described God as omnipresent. The Veds called God “samrug”. Lord Krishna spoke of God as Brahm – the One permeating the cosmos. So when God exists everywhere and within everyone how can we fight over these things? Guru Gobind Singh said it is the same God we pray to in all our religions. That all religious places are created to glorify the same One. While these are the teachings of the Prophets, the fundamentalists have put their own thoughts forward and divided us. So I appeal to every one that this approach will only continue to spread the fires of conflict. Where there is Brahm there is only Light and Love.

The teachings of Dharm are very simple. If we were to look at the basic teaching of all religions, they can be summarized in just 10 or 12 points.

So we should understand that Dharma is a force that brings forth good qualities which benefit everyone. A doctor, a scientist, or anyone engaged in research will benefit. When kindness comes within a person then everyone benefits. And they will see God everywhere and in everyone.

The second point I’d like to make is that everyone should share whatever they earn, share whatever they have. And whatever love they have within them, they should that love as well. But the one thing they shouldn’t share is their anger – or hatred.

If we can all understand that Dharma is within us and all around us, work hard and share the fruits with others, call on the Power of God within through meditation and prayer, and follow the eternal principals of Dharma then peace will automatically come.”