Hymn of Praise for Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Baba Siri Chand ji’s love and reverence for his father Guru Nanak Devji, can’t be stressed enough. And similarly Guru Nanak Dev ji’s love for his eldest son is something to be admired by all families. History has played a cruel trick on this relationship, often portraying Babaji as one passed over in the “appointment” as the Guru’s successor and therefore casting Babaji in conflict with the ensuing Gurus. Nothing could be further from the truth. And nowhere could a child’s love be more apparent than in his hymn of praise for Guru Nanak – Aarta – which he composed and had the whole Sangat sing to greet and welcome their Great Guru home from his  third Udasi.

"Let us sing the praises of Nanak, King of kings, Emperor of both worlds
The whole cosmos is His temple, congregations sing sweet songs in His praise
Millions of goddesses kindle holy lights in His honor
All the gods sing hymns of His praises
All wash His lotus feet
The Sun and moon illuminate Him with their radiance
He is garlanded with mountains of flowers
The True Master, the fountain of Light is merciful to the poor
The king of the winds fans Him while saints and sages meditate on His holiness
The whole universe vibrates with His celestial song
The bells ring out – Onkar
Continuously illuminating the heavens
He is one with God whose name is Truth
In Nanak saints find their support
Siri Chand, Nanak’s son, declares Nanak is unattainable,
unfathomable, unshakeable and pure
Whoever sings Emperor Nanak’s praises resides in heaven and achieves complete salvation
Oh kind master: give protection to those who seek your shelter.
Oh Nanak: You are the savior; we are just your children.”