Continuous Prayers



The 6 Akhand Paths of Guru Granth Sahib opened with the hukamnamas (Divine orders) of Guru Arjun Dev ji.

Dhanaasree Mehlaa 5 p673.
Tum daatay thaakur partipaalak naaik khasam hamaaray.
You are my Beloved Lord who takes care of my every need

Jaitsaree Mehlaa 5 p701.
Ko-ee jan har sio dayvai jor.
If only someone would unite me with the Lord!

Sorath Mehlaa 5 p.621.
Gur poorai kirpaa dhaaree.
The Perfect Guru has blessed me with His Grace,

Sorath Mehlaa 5 p629.
Aagai sukh mayray meetaa.
Peace in this world, O my friends,
Paachhay aanad parabh keetaa.
and bliss in the world hereafter – God has given me this.

Bilaaval Mehlaa 5 p813.
Ih saagar soee tarai jo har gun gaaay.
He alone crosses over this ocean of life who sings the Glorious Praises of the Lord.

Sorath Mehlaa 5 p617.
Abhinaasee jeean ko daataa simrat sabh mal khoee.
Chanting the holy name of The Eternal Giver of All, all our mind’s filth is removed .