Celebrations of Maharaj ji’s birthday February 2013 at Gobind Sadan


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A large and harmonious sangat comprised of devotees from many states of India, Ladakh, Russia, and Kazakhstan came together to happily celebrate the birthday of revered Baba Virsa Singh Ji in Gobind Sadan, New Delhi. Three sets of 7 Akhand Paths started on 18 February and ended on 24 February, with kirtan programmes, free medical camp, and big havan at Angeetha Sahib.

Another special feature of the celebration was a drama with light and sound effects staged by Universal Art and Culture Welfare Society from Mohali. The show very touchingly told the story of Guru Gobind Singh’s two youngest sons, Zorawar Singh and Fateh Singh, who maintained their faith and courage while martyred by tyrants, and their loving grandmother, Mata Gujri Ji. As Sikh culture is opposed to live portrayal of the Gurus and their families, these three were movingly depicted by paintings projected onto a large screen. Major actors in the drama included the greedy Gangu Pandit, who betrayed the threesome in hopes of a reward, Nawab Wazir Khan, who unsuccessfully tried to convince the young martyrs to convert to Islam and then ordered them bricked alive into a wall, the wives of Gangu Pandit and Nawab Wazir Khan, who tried to dissuade their husbands from these wrong deeds, and the merchant Todar Mal, who bought land for respectful cremation of the Sahizades. The large audience at Gobind Sadan watched the drama, “Nikkian Jindan Wade Sake,” with rapt attention and open hearts, and gave gifts of appreciation to the drama team after their excellent performance. Special appreciation was given to Narinder Kaur, who had worked hard to arrange the programme for Gobind Sadan.