United Religions Initiative Meet at Gobind Sadan

Gobind Sadan’s lovely campus and living interfaith model is of interest to many groups as well as individuals from around the world. On July 30th, over 40 members of the global organization United Religions Initiative’s North Zone India and Afghanistan chapter held part of their regional assembly at Gobind Sadan. They were delighted and impressed, and were treated to Gobind Sadan’s usual hospitality as well as a partial tour of the campus. They participated in reading Jaap Sahib at the havan in Gurdwara Sarbat Sangat (aka “guesthouse”), saw Buddha and Mahavir’s pavilions, visited Jesus’ Place and the mosque, and joined noon prayers at Maharaj’s World Peace Havan before holding their meeting in the auditorium. They all remarked about the practical example set by Gobind Sadan, in contrast to theories of interfaith harmony.

Regional Coordinator Subhi Dhupar explained, “The second day of the assembly focused more on experiential learning where the participants visited Gobind Sadan in Mehrauli, New Delhi to witness the virtues of celebrating different faith traditions in all its glory. Gobind Sadan is an interfaith, environment friendly spiritual community, which believes in and teaches the universal messages of all prophets through love, faith, meditation and service, opening its doors to people across all religions and communities. Every one indeed had an unbelievable experience and were very touched to the soul . It was amazing for most people that a place like this did in fact exist in the concrete jungles of Delhi. In fact as some of our members are school teachers they were so inspired that they actually would like to bring their school children to the Sadan and give them a chance to experience interfaith in reality and in a serene environment.”