Sikhs Thank Baba Virsa Singh for Eliminating Libel against Prophets

Sangat assures Babaji that they will obey his order

New Delhi
The Sikh sangats are becoming very angry as they learn of what has been falsely written in school textbooks against their Gurus and the prophets of other religions. In this regard, Professor Gurbachan Singh, President of Gobind Sadan USA, reports that in recent days a very large gathering of Sikhs was held in Gurdaspur near village Gharala. I n this gathering, after kirtan Sardar Joginder Singh and Sardar Gurcharan Singh Randhawa of Gurdaspur and Professor Gurbachan Singh told the sangat about the misinformation that had been written in NCERT textbooks. The sangat became very angry that for the past fifteen to twenty years this misinformation was being taught in the schools but no one had raised his voice against it. They said, “We remember Guru Teg Bahadur as ‘Hind di Chader’ and revere Guru Gobind Singh as our father. Baba Virsa Singh helped to correct what was falsely written against them, and with his blessing, the Supreme Court case was won in our favour.”

Dr. J. S. Rajput, Director of NCERT, announced at Gobind Sadan that the objectionable matter is now eliminated from the textbooks and that new books are being written with newly corrected historical material. Murli Manohar Joshi, Minister of Human Resources Development, Government of India, said that the Supreme Court case has been won with Babaji’s blessing, and they have received the order to correct the books.

At the sangat gathering in Gurdaspur district, the Sikh sangat thanked Baba Virsa Singh, shouting their approval, and assured Babaji that they will follow all his orders.