Sages of the Upanishads

Come out of all the schools. Meditate upon Om as the Self. Remember He takes many shapes, lives in the hub where the arteries meet; and may His blessing bring you out of the darkness.
He knows all, knows every particular. His glory prevails on earth, in heaven, in His own seat, the holy city of the heart.
He becomes mind and guides body and life. He lives in our heart and eats our food. One who knows Him, in finding joy, finds immortality.
She who knows Him as the formed and the formless, cuts through the knot of her heart, solves every doubt, exhausts every action.
In a beautiful golden scabbard hides the stainless, indivisible, luminous Spirit.
Neither sun, moon, star, neither fire nor lightning, lights Him. When He shines, everything begins to shine. Everything in the world reflects His light.
Spirit is everywhere, upon the right, upon the left, above, below, behind, in front. What is the world but Spirit?
(Mundaka Upanishad)