After such a long period of COVID restrictions, Delhi is at last allowing up to 200 people to congregate in religious places, so Gobind Sadan devotees very happily gathered in two places on the night of 30 August to celebrate the birthday of Lord Krishna. Some came to Krishna’s temple on the Pahari to decorate the mandir, sing songs of love for God in human form, perform havan, do aarti of Radha and Krishna and baby Krishna in his swinging cradle, share prasad, and at last, crack open the hanging mutkas full of candies. In the central worship area of Gobind Sadan, sangat happily sang songs to Lord Krishna and then at midnight, Hardip Singh did Ardas in honour of Krishna’s birth. As rich milk sweets were distributed, devotees took turn swinging baby Krishna in his cradle. Both sacred places were also blessed by the presence of Gobind Sadan’s own babies in Krishna clothing.