“Mesmerizing,” “beyond imagination,” “out of this world,” “beyond words,” “like a palace in the jungle,” “heaven on earth”—people could not find words to express the effect of the inaugural days of Gobind Sadan’s new gurdwara at Chaltua Farm in District Pilibhit, in the heart of the jungle in eastern Uttar Pradesh.

Baba Virsa Singh had purchased the area in 1983. It had been called “Chaltua,” meaning a place where nobody wanted to stay. His sevadars first developed it as an excellent farm with havan also going on. Then 5 years ago work began on a large gurdwara, according to Maharaj’s hukam. At last from 2 to 4 April, 2021, the gurdwara was inaugurated and the first Akhand Paath held. A temple for Durga Mata was also built and Mataji’s murti was installed there by pujaris and sangat as part of the opening ceremonies. New langar and expanded guest facilities were also completed in time for the celebration.

Because of corona virus, few people were invited, but about a thousand people came anyway, drawn by the extraordinary magnetism of the beautiful new gurdwara. Among those who came was a group led by Sardar Dilbagh Singh who travelled 20 hours by bus from Amritsar in order to carry on the Akhand Paath and other seva, including many recitations of Jaap Sahib, Chandi di War, and Hanuman Chalissa. Maharaj ji’s long-time devotee Sardar Sukhwant Singh, former President of Gurdwara Manji Sahib in Karnal, lent his melodious voice to the recitations and singing. Gobind Sadan Delhi sent their excellent hazoori ragis—Ekta Kaur, Prabhnoor Singh, and their mother Jaspinder Kaur, plus Priya from Russia—who sang heavenly music for the occasion, along with several other kirtan jathas. The resident sangat, led by Bhupinder Singh, worked day and night to make all the arrangements and offer loving hospitality to all who came. In addition to delicious langar, visitors were offered free eye checking and treatment by a large team of doctors, free fruit juices in ten flavours by a local vendor, and free ayurvedic medicines by a local pharmacist. Incredible world-class lighting decorations were done by a company from the nearest village.

The beautiful new gurdwara was designed and constructed by Sardar Mann Singh. All finishing work—stone, tiles, stainless steel, glass, paint, doors and windows, and furniture—was done by Sardar Mohinder Singh of Delhi, who has taken up seva of renovating all of Gobind Sadan’s centres with highest quality materials and workmanship. He also built and furnished a wonderful bedroom for Maharaj ji next to the gurdwara. Everything is designed to last for a very long time. It seems that Maharaj’s mission of helping everyone draw closer to God is now going to spread in a very powerful way from this fabulous place in the middle of the jungle.