Gobind Sadan’s Corona Virus Seva


Gobind Sadan sevadars have happily taken up the seva of helping to feed the needy and hungry in surrounding villages during the corona virus lockdown. These are people who have no work and no income at this time. Many were about to try to get back to their villages when they learned that Gobind Sadan would offer them food for their survival and good health.

Now the langar in Gobind Sadan resounds with the thrilling sounds of Baba Virsa Singh’s recorded kirtan, giving all the sevadars a wonderful sense of his blessings, his presence, and his power. Many residents—men and women, young and old—are covering their faces, washing their hands, and helping to prepare mounds of chapatis, poori, dals, and sabzi to distribute to their needy neighbours twice a day. They are invigorated by this extraordinary chance to do seva according to Guru Nanak’s mission: Work hard to support yourself by honest means, share with others from what you earn, and always remember God, the only Doer.