Earth Day 2007

Babaji Speaks of Global Climate Imbalance, of Life on 14 planets, and assures us the world will never end
“Anger is the greatest pollutant in the world today.” Baba Virsa Singh

New Delhi

On Earth Day, Baba Virsa Singh, renowned for his spiritual viion and power, once again confirmed what scientists are just now beginning to discover. For years, Babaji has warned that people in Delhi would die of the cold, while those in cold regions would die of the heat. “It will snow in Delhi.”

While in Russia in 2004, he told an audience of scientists: “According to my vision, there is human life on 14 planets. The people are much more advanced both scientifically and intellectually. They are very beautiful and peace-loving.” In response to a question about the status of women, Babaji said that “there, women are given great respect.”

When asked, “Will the world ever end?” Babaji replied, “No. It has no end or limit.”
While stressing Nature’s power, Babaji cautioned us not to continue our excesses and especially warned of the calamity that would follow a nuclear war. “You risk destruction of all the years of progress that civilization has made. All the benefits of science, all the benefits of medicine and improved technology, can be wiped out by your single action.”

Despite all the environmental degradation, Babaji stated that the human mind is the greatest pollutant in the world today. Our negative thoughts spread poison throughout the atmosphere.
“When a river overflows its banks it does great damage to the surrounding areas. But when a person’s mind is not controlled, he can destroy entire countries. Anger and hatred are out of control. You must control your anger. Leadership must speak responsibly. Media must deliver messages that soothe the people, not pour more oil on the fire. Every word ignites more violence, and creates more fear.”

Babaji has always said “once scientists understand the linkage between the Creator and creation, realize that the unseen force within and behind all nature is God’s Power, then science will be able to advance to greater and greater heights. Science is only now beginning to comprehend the extent of the universe that our Gurus and scriptures reveled hundreds if not thousands of years ago.

“The scientist and the dervish (Saint) are both researchers. The scientist is lost in thought exploring creation while the dervish is lost in his love for the Creator. When the dervish meets God, then God reveals to him the secrets of His Creation.”

“Dharam is the greatest science. Hundreds and in some cases thousands of years ago, visionaries revealed to us what scientists are just now heralding as their latest discovery.  The visionaries simply closed their eyes, sat comfortably in meditation, and described what they saw. They did not have to spend huge sums on research or waste battery cell power. We human beings have many powerful brain cells. Once they are developed through meditation, we can observe the entire universe – from the microscopic to the vast expanse of the cosmos.”

Through the Gobind Sadan Institute, Babaji encourages the work of scientists seeking to plumb the depths of spiritual Truth. As part of this ongoing commitment, the institute will make “Science and Spirituality: Bridging the Gap,” the theme of its annual international seminars in 2008.