Cooling a Burning World


The Chinar tree in Srinagar,
Kashmir as it stands today.


As Baba Siri Chand ji was sitting in Srinagar, Kashmir with his sacred fire burning before him, Nawab Yakub Khan came to him, filled with great anger. Out of anger he was creating conflict between the Hindus and Muslims of the area. Babaji took a burning stick from the fire and stuck it in the ground. Immediately the flames vanished and the stick sprouted leaves of a beautiful Chinar tree. Seeing this miracle the Nawab’s anger was cooled. Baba Siri Chandji showed that God’s tree is broad enough to give shade to all people, Hindus and Muslims alike. What is so amazing is that this Chinar tree still stands today in Srinagar as a monument to peace. It is called Siri Chand Chinar.