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jaapsahib_cover.jpg Jaap Sahib was composed under spiritual inspiration by the Tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh (1666-1708). In it are wave after wave of praises of the one God who pervades everywhere, from whom all religions have sprung, but who is formless, beyond our comprehension, beyond all sectarian doctrines. This great scripture is universal, transcending all religious boundaries.

His Holiness Baba Virsa Singh, the revered teacher of Gobind Sadan, asserts that reading Jaap Sahib seven times daily leads to healing, relief from difficulties, and success in any endeavour. Innumerable people around the world who read Jaap Sahib attest to its power in their lives.

Babaji says,
"Jaap Sahib is a mighty ocean of God's grace and compassion. I encourage you to plunge into it and enjoy its bliss. You will emerge transformed and rejuvenated. Your anxieties, fears, and afflictions will drop away like dead leaves in autumn, replaced by fragrant spring breeze which will sweep through you, bringing the blossoms of strength, courage, and tranquility. With this transformation, you will find the worldly challenges and problems so puny that you will sail through them smoothly, successfully, and as if effortlessly, because God's grace and power will be operating through you. What is more, your spirit will be constantly soaring upwards toward its ultimate goal of union with God."

Jaap Sahib Audio recordings

Jaap Sahib-spoken (English)

Jaap Sahib-spoken (Punjabi)

Jaap Sahib-solo song (Punjabi)

Jaap Sahib-group song (Punjabi)


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